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Cleaning tasks we don't cover

Shampooing carpet, removing stains on or deep scrubbing heavy grime build-up floors 

  • We do not deep clean floors. We use high quality, allergen sealing vacuums to clean carpets and a microfiber mopping pad to mop floors. If needed we may spot clean dirt and grime build-up on floors using brushes, sponges, and cleaning cloths only. But we do not carry equipment meant for deep floor-cleaning. 

Move furniture or appliances over 20 pounds 

  • This is to reduce risk of damage and for our safety. We will clean to the best of our ability around them but will not move them to clean concealed areas.

Remove deep scuffs/stains on walls

  • This is to reduce risk of damage. We use a gentle all purpose cleanser and microfiber cleaning cloths to spot clean walls, but some stains and scuffs may be embedded into the paint, making them difficult to remove without stripping paint away.  We recommend repainting these sort of wall damages.

Clean heavily cluttered areas or garages

  • This is to reduce risk of damage and to ensure our safety. By heavily cluttered areas we mean countertops that are completely full of items such as dishes, mail, knick knacks, etc with no room to move things around and clean around them. Or areas that are difficult to walk through due to mess.


  • We will clean and scrub sinks that have dishes in them, but we will remove them prior to cleaning and replace them when we are finished. 

Clean surfaces that are higher than approx. 8 feet

  • This does not apply to high-dusting. We only carry a 2-step stool to reach high surfaces. Height of cleaners on average is 5'5" which means typically we can only reach up to about 8 feet  to scrub/deep clean surfaces.

Deep clean couches

  • We only vacuum and tidy couches but do not remove stains or odor from them.

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